Let's be kind; to ourselves, to each other, to our earth, and our oceans.

Protect what we love, to enjoy what we love. Swim good with your new eco-swim piece that helps clean up our oceans. Chapter II is now online!

With open hearts and open minds, together, we can change the world. Together, we are limitless.

Welcome to our Collective.

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"One of the great revelations of the Space Age has been the perspective it has given humanity on ourselves. When we see the earth from space, we see ourselves as a whole. We see the unity and not the divisions. It is such a simple image with a compelling message. One planet. One human race. We are here together and we need to live together with tolerance and respect. We must become Global Citizens. Our only boundaries are the way we see ourselves. The only borders, the way we see each other.”

- Stephen Hawking


To us the ocean itself is a symbol of this freedom and a place that allows us to physically remove ourselves from unnecessary ‘real-life’ pressures that consume us on the day to day. In the water is where we allow ourselves to be truly present and aware of the now. The ocean also more than ever needs our awareness, commitment, love and protection. So, OCIN was inspired by the ocean — to do our part in celebrating and protecting this magnificent body that gives us life.

Protect the Oceans with us

"You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time."

Angela Davis

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Travel-inspired bundles curated with fellow small brands in our community. Designed to bring the sun home to you.

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"If you are free, you need to free someone else. If you have power, then your job is to empower someone else."

Toni Morrison