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  • We are excited to share OEM with our community – a healthcare and lifestyle company, co-founded by our friends Shun and Ceilidh out of Los Angeles. Their mission is to create better tools for care: the foundation for better health for all.
  • Their incense is a deeply calming blend of warm and sweet Japanese cypress (Hinoki), sandalwood (Byakudan), and cedar (Sugi).
  • The fragrance, when paired with meditation, can create the sensation of shinrinyoku (forest bathing); submerging yourself in the atmosphere of the forest to achieve a sensory connection that elevates mood and helps reduce anxiety.
  • The rich, high quality fragrance of the Hinoki wood is known to calm the nervous system and slow down heart rates. The ritual of lighting incense provides a meditative reset — an opportunity to find peace and clarity, and to purify the mind and body. 
  • Made on Awaji Island, Japan.
  • Contains approximately 60 x 30 minute sticks (incense holder not included)
  • This product is a final sale and available for pick up in Vancouver only.
  • Learn more about OEM on our Magazine here.


  • Light tip, blow out flame by moving incense in a swift downward motion, and then place in an incense holder. 


  • Keep away from flammable objects
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Once lit, never leave incense unattended
  • Burn in well-ventilated space

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