Chapter 1 / Thoughts

Thoughts - No.9

A friend sent us a picture of his travels in Morocco, a photo of something so pure and real, that many of us are unable to witness first hand. And it reminded us of how much we need each other to see all that we need to see – both the good and the bad. We need to see so that we can break down walls and remain curious about other cultures and communities. We need to see so that we are motivated to act. We need to see so that we aspire to stay inspired by the huge and open world around us. We need each other to see the tough moments happening globally to keep us connected, but also to see the special moments that will keep us hopeful and driven to be the best we can be, together. 


Here's to seeking out, taking in, and sharing more special moments that connect us to being human and inspires the belief in being better. 


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