Chapter 1 / Thoughts

Thoughts - No.7

"I think you have to dream so big that you can't get an ego, 'cause you can't fulfill all those dreams." - Quincy Jones



Ego can become the greatest weakness and block for an individual, a company, a brand, to realize one’s true purpose and potential. On the other hand, humility can become the greatest driver and partner in realizing and attracting new opportunities to help you be great. It’s funny though how the latter is often perceived as a vulnerability rather than a superpower.


For OCIN, we hold on to our big dream of inspiring a more open, free and positively impactful world, however that shows up for our collective and beyond. We hold on to the dream that our purpose as a brand will motivate awareness, kindness, conversations, and actions that can extend into other areas that we all care about, right now and whatever comes up behind us. We hold on to the dream that our impact as a single brand can be significant enough to save and protect our oceans and the life that lives within. And we have our big dreams to keep us inspired to do whatever we can to move the needle forward. And we have our community and collective of rad humans to keep us in check. And we have our muse and inspiration, the ocean, to remind us that when our problems seem large and daunting, there are so many other things going on with people and species that can’t stand up for themselves, facing more significant and immediate concerns.


Thank you Quincy for showing us the power in letting go of our egos and realize our true potential by focusing on purpose, love, humility and the biggest dreams we can dream.


And thank YOU for being a part of our dreams. Every piece you purchase, every event you attend, every post you like and share, and every piece you read in our magazine, fuels our dreams and the superpower we share.


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