Chapter 1 / Thoughts

Thoughts – No.1

Let’s be kind, to everyone and to Mother Earth.

To us, the ocean represents so much. It gives life. It breeds life. But it also energizes life. There’s a general sense of carefreeness, playfulness, and positivity associated with the ocean and being close to or near it. What it provides us tangibly but also emotionally. There’s so much we still have yet to discover and learn about from this vast ecosystem, but the 51 trillion microplastic particles floating within might have something to say about that. Via Parley.TV - “there are 500 times more plastics in the ocean than stars that exist in the Milky Way.” Imagine a world where the ocean and everything within didn’t exist the way we know it to today. Imagine a world where we no longer could touch, feel or even stand by the ocean. Imagine if we lost all connection to this magical place. I can’t. Can you? Remember, individual actions count too. No matter how small, how often, when or where you can and do make a difference.


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