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Trevor Port from @KeepEarthAround for OCIN

Words: Talya Wong
Interview: Talya Wong and Trevor Port

OCIN exists to inspire our most limitless selves and motivate kind, positive actions that work for the betterment of our people and planet. We seek to partner with individuals and initiatives whose values align with this mission and are inspired by so many that embody this ethos everyday. By creating projects that exhibit the talent of the creative while simultaneously working to spread awareness, positivity, and share knowledge on causes we care about, we hope that every collaboration we create leaves some sort of impact – whether to spark curiosity, introduce new perspectives, or implore action.

This collaboration is no different. We partnered with our friend, fellow earth-advocate, and artist Trevor Port of @KeepEarthAround to design two graphics that represent togetherness and the aspiration we have for a symbiosis between people and planet; to celebrate the belief we both share – that we are Better Together. 

Based in California, Trevor has spent a large portion of his life surrounded by the sunshine and vast beauty that can be found in almost any corner of the state. Being immersed in some of Mother Nature’s most scenic landscapes guided his work style, ultimately accumulating a portfolio that centers around the acknowledgement and appreciation of nature and all that it provides. With over six years of both in-house and freelance work within the creative industry, Trevor is passionate about working with people who share his zeal for the environment; so it felt natural to collaborate.

Trevor’s exclusive custom design will be brought to life through our Better Together collection – a limited three-piece capsule featuring a quick-dry reversible towel, a long-sleeve tee, and a pullover hoodie. Now available for pre-order on OCIN.CO with partial proceeds going to Obakki Foundation’s grassroots fundraising initiative raising $20,000 a week for Ukraine.

Read the Q+A below and pre-order the Better Together collection in our lifestyle section. 

OCIN: Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you got started in this line of work.

Trevor Port: My name is Trevor Port, I'm based in Southern California and I'm the Founder and Designer behind Keep Earth Around. I've been in the creative industry working as a Graphic Designer / Illustrator both freelance and in-house for the past 8 years and have a background in Environmental Studies. After years of working in the creative industry, I started to feel a recurring sense of monotony in the types of projects I was doing, however I still felt drawn to design/illustration. I wanted to cultivate something in the creative / art community that felt true to my love for our planet, a project that could show my appreciation for all that this planet provides. Thus, the idea for Keep Earth Around came about, stemming from a desire to merge the two things that have had a profound influence on my being  — those being Mother Nature & Design. Keep Earth Around sprouted its first leaves back in late February of 2020 with the intention of promoting the appreciation and conservation of Mother Earth through type and illustration.

OCIN: How do you go about creating visuals that evoke a sense of appreciation for nature and all that it provides? Describe your thought process when presented with a blank canvas.

TP: I can truly say that my greatest inspiration stems from Nature, through and through. Early morning walks with my pup are one of my favorite parts of the day and are a time I feel that I can truly connect with my surroundings. In starting Keep Earth Around, I wanted to take all pressure off of the creative process and have it be something that felt natural and holistic to what I hold close to me. With that said, it's the time spent out in nature when design is the last thing on my mind, that I feel most inspired to create. Establishing a connection to nature and doing one's best to take it all in while out experiencing it, looks a little different to everyone. And for me, it allows my imagination to run wild, and feel driven to create art which feels like one of the many upon many voices of Mother Nature.

OCIN: How has living in California impacted how you view nature? How would you describe your relationship with the Earth now versus 10 years ago?

TP: Growing up and living in California has directly impacted the way I view nature. I had the privilege of being exposed to the outdoors at a very early age, and nature + my interactions with it became something that more often than not was at the forefront of my childhood daydreams. My parents introduced me to many beautiful spaces in California through activities like camping and hiking, instilling in me a deep sense of respect for Mother Nature and a responsibility to act as a steward of this planet and its precious resources. I felt gratitude for the opportunity to immerse myself in wild places, then, 10 years ago, and I feel that relationship has only grown over the years as my understanding of the natural world has broadened. Preserving these special places for future generations to come is paramount, and is something I imagine I'll always feel driven to express and never take for granted.

OCIN: Your artwork is clean, simple yet still captivating. What kind of conversations do you hope arise from those who come across your visuals and graphics?

TP: My hope is that the art is something that people feel driven to interact with. Interactions that maybe question a previous belief or reinforce a current one, allowing individuals to learn more about the natural world and have a desire to immerse themselves further into it. By further developing our relationship to the natural world, we deepen our sense of stewardship for this planet and all that it provides. I believe art can act as the spark of curiosity which develops into a love and passion for nature and so much more. Art can be a medium for people to interact with on various levels, a conversation starter in itself — it can change the way people view the environment, as well as bring value to the unique experiences people have through it and their passions in caring for it. If my work can do a teeny tiny small fraction of that, I'm beyond happy.

"I hope these visuals evoke a sense of stewardship for Mother Nature. Both designs I hope allow people to understand that we really are Better Together."

OCIN: We are so excited about the launch of our OCIN x Keep Earth Around graphic towels. What sentiment or impression do you hope these visuals induce – whether a stranger walking past a towel/graphic on the beach, or its owner taking it out for a routine swim?


TP: That makes me so happy to hear and the feeling is mutual! It was such a fun project and a pleasure to collaborate on with you all, so thank you sincerely. Touching off from the above, I hope these visuals evoke a sense of stewardship for Mother Nature. Both designs I hope allow people to understand that we really are better together. Protecting the spaces and things we love begins with a personal understanding of them and has a profound impact when that understanding is elevated amongst a collective community of love, kindness, and stewardship for all beings.

OCIN: What’s next for you – are there any upcoming projects that you’re looking forward to or anything that we can keep an eye out for?

TP: We just launched our new site at, which we're super stoked on! And we have a couple of neat projects coming up around Earth Day. If you're interested in checking them out feel free to follow us on Instagram or sign up for the "Stewards of Mother Earth" newsletter on our site. I just want to add that it's been an absolute pleasure connecting with fellow other Earth-loving stewards in the creative community! We always love hearing from you and look forward to learning and creating with you all.

Check out the Better Together collection available exclusively on OCIN.CO featuring illustrations by Trevor Port.