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There is light even in the dark

It’s hard not to feel down when you wake up and the world around you is in pain. Things are heavy and have been heavy for awhile, and although we know that the imbalance felt across the globe is by no means new, we’re at a pivotal time where we’re experiencing the real and negative results of our past actions and inactions. Not only are we living in a world where we are often hurting each other (which is painful enough to see), we are also hurting our Home with the devastating realities and results of global warming.


One million of eight million species are facing extinction, our world and oceans are heating up,  our waters are filled with garbage in amounts we cannot control, and there have been an extreme amount of significant and tragic natural disasters. It’s time for us to shift our purpose, to change our behaviour, raise our voices, and prioritize our focus on our collective wellbeing and future. We need to reconnect with what matters and come together to protect our Planet and all the humans and living species that we share it with. Because, the hard truth is, if Earth no longer exists, then neither do we. 


Our world needs love right now. We need kindness compassion, partnership, empathy and friendship. We need respect and appreciation for each other and for Nature. And we need leadership and action during this current climate crisis. “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together,” and we truly believe that together we can turn those small things into massive waves. 


Helping us navigate the dark, are some great resources that we look to for knowledge and actionable ways to help. We’re also sharing some positive news that shines a light on all the good that is out there, that reminds us to stay hopeful and to believe that we can and will change.

Resources we look to:


• Lonely whale


• CNN climate

• David Suzuki

• Save the Reef 

• Celine Celines

• Slow factory 

• The Ocean Legacy

• Surfrider Foundation

• Sustainable Coastlines Hawai'i

• Matters Journal

• Pangea Seed

• Future Tech Lab 

• Terracycle

• Oceana

• Ocean Legacy

• Futerra -  A creative studio dedicated to the education and awareness of sustainability that creates weekly sustainability roundups and our new favourite: “Happy Mondays” — an Instagram content piece sharing great news happening around the world. 

Some good news we loved reading about this month so far: 


Scientists create Xenobots – robots made from frog skin and heart cells that can walk, push things, work and collaborate together, and heal themselves. They live up to seven days and are hoped to be able to help deliver medicine to people’s bloodstream, clean up microplastics from the ocean, and mange radioactive waste spills.

Irish Teen wins 2019 Google science fair for removing micro plastics from water. 

Thailand is banning plastic bags and people have come up with creative alternatives.

Australia comedian Celeste Barber makes history, fundraising over $50M AUD for Australia.

UK student created a bioplastic from fish scales that breaks down in six weeks from fish scales.

• David Attenborough collaborates with Netflix on another documentary called: A life on our Planet.

• Scientists, Designers, and activists collaborate to tackle fashion's biggest problem.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

Vincent Van Gogh

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A raffle for a cause – help us help Australia


Seeing the world unite in response to the tragic Australian bushfires, shows the power and strength of people coming together. To see  everyone act with such urgency and love for a country that holds a  special place in many of our hearts has inspired us to see what more we can do. In addition to our own direct donations to Wires Wildlife and NSW Rural Fire Service, we have partnered with our good friends from Minca, a line of premium blankets designed in Vancouver, and Sydney-based photographer Poppie Pack, to raffle a quintessentially-Australian prize and bring our collective communities together for the beautiful land, people and animals that have been affected.


Every day hundreds of fires continue to burn across the country, with their summer season only just beginning. With the extensive damage possibly taking decades or even centuries to recover, our hope is to support in the restoration and prevention of these destructive wildfires by donating 100% of all raffle sales to @wwf_australia. 


Tickets are $20 each, with no limit on how many you can purchase. 

*One winner will be announced on February 3rd. 


Enter the raffle here