Chapter 1 / Sharing Stories


Photography: Kenta Goto
Video: Courtney Chew

Recurrent is a phrase that embodies the cyclical nature of clothing. For Earth Day, we are excited to launch the second collection of our Vintage project that celebrates quality over quantity and strives to inspire thoughtful relationships around what we own and consume.

For RE:CURRENT Batch 02, we sourced the coolest Vintage kids overalls, and knew it had to be a part of our latest release. We've been wanting to do a collection for our littlest buds for so long, and are excited to have a limited run of pieces to launch with Batch 02.

Our upcoming Chapter III digs into this concept of ‘expansion’, and inspired the unique graphic for Batch 02 – The Wave – a shape that represents movement, fluidity, continual growth in our hearts and in our minds, and the importance of surrendering to come together. In addition to The Wave, each garment is stamped by hand with RE:CURRENT's official icon, The Swirl.

Shop the first season of OCIN Kids, with our RE:CURRENT Batch 02 Vintage Overalls. 

To unlearn, to learn, to grow together. 
To continually give, receive, share, and collaborate. With each other, for each other. 
Through kindness – for our planet, for humanity, for our home. 
Leading with compassion, leading with love.
Expanding as one. 

This is RE:CURRENT Batch 02 


Thank you to our OCIN team and the special humans that made this collaboration happen.
Models: Our incredible littles, Willow and Noren.
Screenprinting by: Nick @skulpist
Photography by: Kenta Goto @write-left
Videography by: Courtney Chew

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