Chapter 1 / Sharing Stories


Photography: Kenta Goto
Video: Courtney Chew

What was once an informal practice between artists to share energy and knowledge about their respective dance genres is now a community-minded collective that creates and produces an amalgamation of dance works to catalyze important dialogue, innovate, and build community. Entering their eighth season of creating together, this is the OURO Collective.

We’re excited to collaborate with the OURO Collective for our RE:CURRENT – Batch 02 as they push their new project, 7y98D, forward; a project that is committed to shedding light on the climate crisis and the impact we have as stewards of this Earth to pivot the countdown before disaster strikes. The essence of RE:CURRENT is to inspire thoughtful relationships with what we own and consume. As a collection that revolves around bringing added life to that existing from the special vintage pieces we source, we resonate with the mission behind 7y98D deeply.

We asked the Ouro team to help us communicate the message behind RE:CURRENT Batch 02. Capturing movements from their 7y98D choreography, dancers Kinu, Rina, and Ash bring new energy to our second vintage capsule, launching on Earth Day (April 22).

For Chapter III we dig into this concept of ‘expansion’. This inspired the unique graphic for Batch 02 – The Wave – a shape that represents movement, fluidity, continual growth in our hearts and in our minds, and the importance of surrendering to come together. In addition to The Wave, each garment is stamped with RE:CURRENT's official icon, The Swirl.

This collection features Vintage shirting, OG 107 Military Fatigue Pants, and our first foray into kids (!) – the coolest Vintage Carhartt overalls. Each piece is individually adorned by hand and sourced from one of our favourite local vintage shops, Kamuy Vintage. Available now on OCIN.CO in limited quantities. 

Keep reading below to view our lookbook for RE:CURRENT Batch 02, featuring our friends from the talented Ouro Collective.

To unlearn, to learn, to grow together. 
To continually give, receive, share, and collaborate. With each other, for each other. 
Through kindness – for our planet, for humanity, for our home. 
Leading with compassion, leading with love.
Expanding as one. 

This is RE:CURRENT Batch 02 

Thank you to the team that made this collaboration happen.
Models: Our incredible dancers Kinu, Ash, Rina, and Maiko.
Screenprinting by: Nick @skulpist
Photography by: Kenta Goto @write-left
Videography by: Courtney Chew

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