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OCIN in Motion


A phrase for us that embodies the ongoing pursuit of learning, wonder, connection, and growth. Being in motion is an ongoing journey that we are on both as individuals and as a global unit, constantly exploring and evolving how we understand, approach and impact the world around us.

This month for our 3rd birthday, we shared practices and experiences designed to enhance your toolkit in connecting with self, while building habits to help us take care of each other and the Planet around us. With the help of some generous humans and brands, we built 'OCIN in Motion' – our birthday initiative and collective commitment to leaning into growth for all of us. 

We asked our partner brands to share more about what this movement means to them and how it encompasses community, connection, and a desire to build a better, more positive world, together. 

Thank you to our friends at Asystem, KŌV, Otō Healing, SÖMN, Tight Club, and Half Moon Yoga for sharing with us. Read below for their interviews.

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In conversation with Henry Simonds, General Manager of ASYSTEM

OCIN: What aspirations and objectives are constantly ‘In motion’ at ASYSTEM? 

Henry Simonds: 1. PROVEN RESULTS. Historically, the health & wellness industry has been filled with products made up of false promises that don't work. When we created ASYSTEM, one of our core objectives was to focus on Proven Results. Results matter. That's why we are fixated with them. To ensure our products deliver results, each product combines at least one clinical ingredient backed with data from real-life trials, with the most powerful natural ingredients. Before we launch any product, we work with a lab partner to carry out blood and saliva work to show the impacts before and after taking them. We are now taking this one step further and investing in clinical studies to show real evidence for the benefits. 2. CREATING A POSITIVE IMPACT. We have a relentless commitment to contribute a net positive impact on people and the planet. We have a long way to go, but we are making strides. On the product side, we are conscious of the impact that traditional packaging (like plastic bottles) can have so all our latest products are being developed with: 

1) Low impact material choices: reusable, recyclable, non-plastic materials (like aluminum, molded fiber and compostable film). 

2) Compostable refill systems: we have developed a 100% compostable molded fiber tray and film solution for our gummies that significantly minimizes its environmental impact. 

3) Climate positive: being 'carbon neutral' isn't enough anymore. Our Complete Calm products are proud to be climate positive. To do this, we’ve partnered with Sea Trees to regenerate coastal ecosystems that remove more CO2 than the product emits.

OCIN: ASYSTEM’s product line includes a variety of products which span from supplements to pain relief to recovery. What gap did you identify in the industry that prompted the creation of ASYSTEM? How does your new release – the Complete Calm Set – support the vision of ASYSTEM?

HS: ASYSTEM was created for a few key reasons. First of all - we found the world of supplements so confusing! We had a vision to simplify it. Create really high quality products that, when used together, create systems - which help us look, feel and perform our best.

Second - we wanted to build a supplement brand that we were excited to have in our lives. Most supplements look ugly, are not sustainably packaged and don't bring us joy sitting on our shelves / in our travel bags. We wanted to change that - create a brand that looked as good as it worked, and build a community excited about self-betterment.

And finally - we thought it would be fun to use all of our experience and efforts to create a brand which actually made a positive impact on the world! Not only by creating products which help people be their best, but also to be able to support the people and causes that we believe in along the way.

OCIN: In addition to your products, what advice would you pass along to individuals that are looking to better their mind + better their body?

HS: We understand that building habits is hard. But, maximising good habits and minimising bad habits is widely recognized as the most powerful way to succeed — whatever your goals are.

A system is a set of steps you take consistently to increase your odds of success regardless of the immediate outcome. The specific system doesn’t matter—just design a system that works for you.

We created ASYSTEM to help create self-care systems which work for your lifestyle, your goals. The highest quality, easiest-to-use products which make it easier for you to look, feel and perform at your best.

To help educate and inspire our community, we created a blog - 'The Betterment Project’ - It’s where we share ideas for your mind and body with a unified goal: how to feel better and be better. The content ranges from educational deep dives into adaptogens to videos on how to cure 'tech' neck from pro-athlete physical therapist, Vinh Pham.



In conversation with Miguel Quezada, co-founder of KŌV

OCIN: What aspirations and objectives are constantly ‘in motion’ at KŌV? 

Miguel Quezada: Aspirations and objectives that are 'in motion' at KŌV would be to further create demand for ingredients that are efficacious and have a net positive environmental impact, such as the climate fighting superhero kelp.

OCIN: Can you explain how your dual passion for nature and skincare led to the genesis of KŌV? Tell us everything we need to know about the incredible properties of plants and how Nature’s magic, like kelp, can help change the world. 

MQ: From my experience working with food and wine in restaurants, I gradually became educated on food systems. Learning about how eating and drinking are integral aspects to how we exist and thrive contributed to my understanding and appreciation of nature. 

What I find so fascinating about skincare is that on the industrial scale, it is so far removed from its origins that we forget that skincare, like food, is plant derived. I believe big skincare brands are positioned where food was decades ago; where preserved canned food with no origin passed for nutritious food you could raise your child on. Some of the biggest brands are using amazing natural ingredients and are completely erasing the idea that those plant derived ingredients are what make their products good.  I think consumers are ready to be thrilled by the ingredients they put on them and want to be delighted by how amazing plants are for them and the planet. 

OCIN: How does your love for nature and the Earth extend into your relationship with the ocean?  

MQ: When I think of the word nature I picture the ocean. So to me, they are one and the same.

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Otō Healing

In conversation with May Globus, founder of Otō Healing

OCIN: What aspirations and objectives are constantly ‘in motion’ at Otō Healing? 

May Globus: One's healing is constantly 'in motion' at otō healing. Deep inner work is a profound journey of ebbing and flowing, discovering and rediscovering parts of yourself and your soul. The words learning, wonder, connection, growth - those are also part of the fabric at otō. I'm always searching out and allowing ways to gain more traditional and contemporary knowledge about the modality, to connect with others & community, to flow in orchestration with life. 

OCIN: Otō Healing is centered around the intersection of sound, science & soul – as a sound therapist, what kind of healing do you aim to inspire? What emotional, physical, and spiritual state do you hope your clients leave a session with?

MG: When you come into the otō studio for a session with me, the space becomes yours - a place where you're supported in being your own healer, with me as a knowledge sharer and guide. I truly believe in empowering you to peel back the emotional layers, with me sharing insights that give you room and additional perspective to heal yourself. So you can self-honour in your life, again and again.

OCIN: Can you explain why sound therapy can become an integral support to the balance of your being and why/who you recommend it to? 

MG: Sound therapy is a beautiful marriage of art (culture & history) and science (brainwaves, frequencies & energy). We're also very receptive to sound and led into a meditative state with it more easily, since our bodies are mostly made of water, a great conductor of sound. Frequency and vibration can loosen trapped emotions and trauma, so that they can surface, be seen, and eventually be freed. Anyone committed to their healing journey (or open to trying new things) should experience a sound journey at least once.



In conversation with Julie Wu, co-founder of SÖMN

OCIN: What aspirations and objectives are constantly ‘in motion’ at SÖMN? 

Julie Wu: Sömn has been an advocate of mindful living through the use of natural materials since day one. Our mission is to make wellness-centric home textiles widely available for the discerning clientele without compromise of our environment, comfort, and ethics. This commitment continues to be the aspiration that carries us forward.

OCIN: As a company that invests in earth-friendly materials and intentional production, processing, and distribution practices, what advice would you give to individuals who want to live more eco-friendly lives but aren’t sure where to start?

JW: To me, a sustainable lifestyle is an intentional lifestyle that I prefer to carry out in a maintainable and enjoyable process. I recommend starting with the three R's–“reduce, reuse, and recycle”.

I like to “reduce” by seeing how I can “reuse”; whenever I need something, I think about what I already have that can be repurposed, or I put out an inquiry to friends and family to see if anyone is getting rid of anything that I can make use of instead of buying new, this way I’m already reusing and reducing. 

A good place to begin is a section of your home, then expand as you go. We can always adapt waste for use for different purposes, like turning old bath towels into small rags for cleaning or using them as cushion fillers or protective covers. This spring my husband and I did some updates in our garden. We used a retired linen bedsheet in place of a new landscaping fabric for a vegetable container that we bought second-hand.

I believe the key to sustainable living is mindfulness. If you put your mind to it, the intent will eventually turn into second nature. Before you know it, you are on your way to producing a positive impact. 

OCIN: Sömn’s carbon offset contributions are supporting the Jarí Pará Forest Conservation Project, an initiative that is committed to protecting the Amazon Rainforest. Why is this project significant to Sömn and what knowledge do you hope to impart with our community about the work that they’re doing?

JW: We care about climate change and are aware that getting products to our customers involves a bit of travel and want others to be aware of our carbon offset commitment.

We chose to protect the Amazon rainforest because it plays an important part in regulating the world's oxygen and carbon cycles. It produces roughly 6% of the world's oxygen and has long been thought to act as a carbon sink, meaning it readily absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

The preservation of our rainforests is the most cost-effective defense we have against the loss of biodiversity and the current climate crisis. When these tropical forests experience rapid deforestation, harmful greenhouse gases are released back into the atmosphere, which quickens global warming.

An acre of trees absorbs enough carbon monoxide over a year, to equal the amount you produce when you drive your car 26,000 miles. A single mature tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support two human beings.

Trees conserve water, prevent soil erosion and protect us, humans. They save energy and increase economic stability, and are an essential part of our society.

Given the current political challenges in Brazil, projects, Jari Pará has experienced incredible pressure—the region has experienced biomass decline as deforestation has increased and they need our help.

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“It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Tight Club Athletics

In conversation with Keighty Gallagher, founder of Tight Club Athletics

OCIN: What aspirations and objectives are constantly ‘in motion’ at Tight Club Athletics?

Keighty Gallagher: I love this theme and find an authentic connection to the spirit behind it. Tight Club has experienced some wild forms of movement this year. Movement so fast it took us to a place I had never dreamed of. And what's so inspiring about the changes we've experienced this year is that the spirit of community and accessible movement can absolutely flow from one version of TC to another. And as challenging as it has been to transition away from IRL experiences to the digital world, our fun and friendly culture has remained fluid. It's my mission to remain connected to all the pals who value the human approach to fitness, and to stay curious and accept that change is inevitable.

OCIN: Tight Club Athletics is designed to be a fun and functional program that supports a diverse range of bodies and lifestyles – how would you describe the community at Tight Club and how is it set apart from other gyms/fitness programs? 

KG: I have the biggest crush on the Tight Club community. It's becoming a problem ;) It's like, when you're really really thirsty and have to get up in the middle of the night to slam water. The community is satiating, empowering, fuelling, and leaves me feeling human again. Tight Club is full of individuals who own their shit and aren't afraid to share with others.

OCIN: How does taking care of your physical health translate into other forms of self care? In addition to the visible, physical changes that may occur, what other benefits often arise that people don’t expect to experience from maintaining an active lifestyle?

KG: Two things. I think when you create an authentic connection with yourself through movement — a connection that is driven from a place of love and respect, those grounding good vibes spread to others like wildfire. Also, instead of taking out our frustrations on those around us, movement acts as an outlet to burn off steam in a much more constructive way. I find after a good sweat, my conversations and interactions are much less emotionally reactive, and more so coming from a truer place.


Half Moon Yoga

In conversation with Andrea Morris, CEO of Half Moon Yoga 

OCIN: What aspirations and objectives are constantly ‘in motion’ at Halfmoon & B Yoga? 

Andrea Morris: We are fervent believers in and supporters of continuous improvement at Mindful Collective Co. (Halfmoon & B Yoga), both as individuals and as a company.  This parallels very well with your ‘In Motion’ theme; the concept of forever evolving to become the best versions of ourselves and of course, advancing our company vision to inspire people everywhere to live their best and most balanced lives is our guiding principle.

OCIN: What role, if any, does mindfulness play during the respective practices of yoga and meditation? Which practice would you first suggest a beginner try and why? 

AM: Mindfulness is at the core of all that we do at MCC. Our leaders study and endeavor to practice mindful leadership and we offer much yoga, meditation and other mindful movement practices to our team regularly.

It’s hard to say what single practice is best for a beginner as there are so many various offerings out there, each with different styles and features.

 I always suggest that people try multiple types of practice when they are getting started, in order to understand the breadth of what is out there and determine what speaks to them most.

I have also found that my preferences have evolved and continue to evolve dramatically over time. For instance, when I became a new mom, my practice slowed down tremendously and I no longer craved a hot practice.

OCIN: Are there certain times of day or seasons of life that initiate a particular hunger for the practice of meditation or yoga? What emotions, forms of healing, or state of self do you aim to inspire?

AM: Anything & everything is the easy default answer! We are all on our own journeys (back to ourselves, as many say) and mindful yoga and meditation can support and guide us along our personal journeys.

I personally support the expression of any emotion on one's mat or cushion - joy, sadness, anger - whatever supports movement (in motion!) and evolution of self on any given day at any given time.

Movement can be very cathartic and promote great healing. I support any form of self-expression that accompanies that path.