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In Conversation with 3rd Ritual

Interview: Jenn Tardif, Founder of 3rd Ritual
Words: Courtney Chew 
Images: Via 3rd Ritual

  1. Simple rituals inspire sacred experiences.
  2. When you move half as fast, you notice twice as much.
  3. Mindfulness is a lifelong practice.

3rd Ritual was founded by Jenn Tardif, aromatherapist and meditation teacher, based out of Los Angeles, California.

I've been a long-time fan of 3rd ritual, it's community, and the practice of intention and mindfulness that they aim to share through their experiences and products. There is a warmth and a delicate sense of wonder that emanates throughout their collective, that encourages a dialogue between self and others around the mysteries of the world and the way we are all connected. 3rd ritual offers a push to seek the deeper meaning behind what might otherwise be perceived as simply ordinary. There is more beyond what we think we know or see, and sometimes we need a gentle reminder and tools to inspire how. 

Jenn shares with us what exists behind the name 3rd ritual, how the way of expansion can liberate shifts in perspective, and how the wisdom of water in Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer us a lens of creating a life in flow.  

Shop their Sun, Moon, and Earth creams at Arcanum on August 14th at The Polygon Gallery, and read the full interview below.


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OCIN: Tell us a little bit about 3rd Ritual and what makes you unique:

Jenn Tardif: We call ourselves a collective (vs company or brand) because like a flock of birds or school of fish, we’re all moving in the same direction which is towards more meaning in the otherwise mundane. 

OCIN: What’s behind the name 3rd Ritual?

JT: We’ve long believed that simple rituals lead to sacred experiences and from sacred geometry to mythology, the number three has great significance. Three is the division of time (past, present, future), it represents the mind, body, spirit trifecta that we aim to support with everything we create, and in many cultures, ritual acts are performed three times. 

OCIN: Your brand is rooted in connecting philosophy and meditation with mindful products. How do you use the botanical balms in your daily routine? What other tools, resources and rituals do you tap into to access your most  limitless self? 

JT: Scent has a direct pathway to the limbic system — the part of our brain that governs our behavior, emotions, and memory — which makes aromatherapy so alchemical. We use Sun gel, the most invigorating of our blends, to soothe sore muscles, combat mid-afternoon fatigue with a few rounds of palm inhalation, or to help clear our nasal passages when we’re suffering from allergies or a cold. Earth is a rich, moisturizing cream that is, in all sincerity, a savior for tired hands and feet. We reach for Earth whenever we want to stimulate circulation and/or digestion with a gentle self-massage. Our Moon lotion gets its distinctive grey coloring from activated charcoal and this blend boasts 12 essential oils which were carefully chosen for their calming benefits. Moon was made to accompany yin-based practices like meditation and we apply it nightly to ease the transition from wake to slumber. 

Our BEL candle uses fire, gravity and sound to measure time. Initially, we presented the BEL as a beautiful, non-technical, way to time your meditation, but over time, our community has shown us that the BEL makes any moment — from dinner parties to painting and journaling — more meaningful. Whenever a pin drops we deepen our breath, return to the present moment, and proceed with intention. 


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OCIN: At the core of ARCANUM, we hope to cultivate a micro universe that is rooted in compassion, understanding, kindness, non-judgement, and a deep love for all human beings, living species, and the planet Earth. How does this ethos relate to the work you’re doing as well as the products you believe in and are putting out into the world?

JT: Our offering is rooted in Yogic and Taoist philosophies because we have witnessed time and time again the alchemical effect these sacred teachings have on anyone seeking more meaning in the otherwise mundane. There is so much beauty in the present moment and yet we’re often moving too quickly to see it. Everything we create — from botanical blends to an Instagram post — is inspired by the notion that when we move half as fast, we notice twice as much. Even simple rituals elevate our ability to find greatness in small things. 

OCIN: OCIN’s chapter III theme is “expansion”; a word that is boundless in meanings but to us, perhaps most notably, represents a lens into evolution, learning, awareness, and continual growth. How does the word “expansion” resonate with you and how you go about your life?

JT: For us, expansion is inextricably linked to abundance. Cultivating an abundant mindset through mindfulness, gratitude, and self-compassion has been one of the most liberating shifts in perspectives as it transforms failures into lessons, chaos into order, and an existence into a life. 

OCIN: Water and the oceans are constant elements of inspiration to who we are and how we ground ourselves. What is something the ocean has taught you, and what feelings does being in/around the ocean bring up for you?

JT: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the element of water is linked to wisdom and these timeless teachings continue to show us that there is less suffering when we go with the flow instead of trying to swim upstream.  

The ocean is a humbling reminder that the world is vast. It’s a powerful expression of the cyclical nature of all things. And the ocean is a mystical metaphor for the three universal principles present in all esoteric dialogue: polarity (high tide vs low tide), pattern (think of the ripples left on the sand after the waves subside), and repetition (the rhythmic rise and fall of the waves). 


OCIN: Is there anything coming up with 3rd Ritual that we can keep our eye out for?

JT: Our next virtual School of Ritual will take place in September. We lead participants through practices like mindful movement, aromatherapy, and intention-setting and all are welcome to join us. We’ll also be unveiling our newest tool that’s been many years in the making this fall. 

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"Expansion is inextricably linked to abundance. Cultivating an abundant mindset through mindfulness, gratitude, and self-compassion has been one of the most liberating shifts in perspectives as it transforms failures into lessons, chaos into order, and an existence into a life."

Jenn Tardif, Founder 3rd Ritual