Chapter 1 / Sharing Stories

A Homebody Club project

We were inspired by a blog post we found that was sharing how to make no-sew reusable face masks out of bandanas. We thought we'd recreate the step-by-step with our own OCIN furoshiki-inspired Versatex™ that comes wrapped around your e-commerce orders. If you have one of these at home or another bandana of your choice, give this a try!


** Important to note, these reusable masks are of course not medical grade and should still be worn with caution. If you're feeling healthy, use them only for quick runs in and out of the grocery store or for grabbing your essentials. They are intended to be an eco-friendly alternative to the disposable masks that we are also trying to save for our frontline health workers who are running low and need them the most right now during this COVID-19 pandemic. Give them a wash in hot water after use. 


Stay safe and healthy!

Original guide referenced from Japanese Creations.