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The gift of clean water for life

Water. It’s a commodity readily available to so many of us around the world, that we often don’t even give its importance a second thought. It’s easy to forget the significance of clean water in our day to day because the farthest most of us have to walk to get it is maybe a few feet or a couple of minutes away. And yet, for nearly 663 million people worldwide, this is not their reality.


Most of us have clean water that we can cook with and even drink straight from the tap. Most of us have clean water to flush the toilet, take a shower in or run a bath with, every day. Most of us have clean water surrounding us, that we can swim in without fear of getting sick. But for 1 in 10 of us, access to clean water is hours by foot away. Crazy, right?


To these communities, clean water has the power to change their lives in the most unbelievable ways. Access to clean water has the power to save 16,000 lives a week being lost to diseases from dirty water and unsanitary surroundings. It has the power to give 40 billion hours a year back to young children and women, who spend over eight hours a day every day walking to a clean water source. It has the power to empower women with knowledge, education and entrepreneurship just by allowing them to stay in school instead of using that time to collect water for their families. And with that, it has the power to help communities build, develop and grow.*


charity:water is a non-profit organization that has personally inspired me with their work for years. They are one of the many examples of teams that not only embody but generously and graciously contribute to the spirit of a more open, free and positively impactful world. And this Black Friday, we want to support them in their mission of bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

The oceans are our muse and clean water is so much a part of that. From Friday to Monday, November 26th, $10 from every OCIN piece sold will be given to charity:water. You can also choose to just donate by selecting one of the amounts below:







No one should have to live without clean water to drink, bathe, or even play in, and with your help, we can gift clean water for life this holiday season.


Stay limitless,


Friend, fellow human, ocean lover and OCIN founder.


And as always, a percentage of partial proceeds from all OCIN sales throughout the year will be donated to our friends at Surfrider Foundation, Vancouver Chapter to help keep our oceans safe and clean.

* Information and facts from charity:water’s website.

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