Chapter 1 / Chapter Notes

Thank you for the greatest 2019

To our unbelievable OCIN family, 


It’s hard to put into words what this past year meant to us, but we’re going to try. 


Everyone always says that the first few years of starting a new business is the hardest and that the first year comes with challenges like you’ve never experienced before, that really push and test you and the brand you’re creating. It’s a long and committed journey, with the first 365 days of business feeling like an entire lifetime has already passed. But, amongst the obstacles, you also get to reach daily milestones and many small wins paving the path towards your bigger goals. And, although the path is not always smooth or straight, there is trust in the constant that it is moving forward and laying the foundation to the greater vision that you’re aspiring to achieve.


2019 was a big year of learning and building that path to becoming a global platform that inspires a deeper connection to our most open, free, and conscious selves, to motivate kind actions that will protect and care for our communities, our earth, our oceans, and the things we love. We created a ton of memories in Chapter I with you along the way, and we wanted to share a round-up of some of those here. 

1. We took our first collection around the world, to LA, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Oahu, London, Paris, and saw you bring OCIN along on your travels to share your memories in places like Bali, Thailand, Hawai‘i, Australia, and Hong Kong.


2. We sat amongst some inspiring peers in local, national, and global media, with one of our favourites being a beautiful print piece as the Culture story in our city’s Vancouver Magazine.


3. We did a lot of events – eleven to be exact – and got to meet so many of you in person.


4. We designed some special pieces with brands and friends of ours that we’re really proud of, created unique works with artists we admire, collaborated on photoshoots in cities around the world, and shared stories of some pretty radical people in our Magazine. 


5. We had the opportunity to support new friends at The Latitude Project, charity:water, Instituto Socioambiental for the Amazon, Ocean Wise, and the Vancouver Aquarium. With your help, we also co-hosted two beach clean-ups and donated $1500 to our Surfrider Foundation Vancouver family.


So much more took place but just from this list alone it’s insanely humbling for us to know how much we’ve been able to do in just short of 365 days, and we can’t thank you enough for being the motivation, the support, the purpose, and the inspiration for everything that we’re creating with OCIN.


This is just one year of many(!), and 2020 for us is about growth and community. We can’t wait to keep working harder, to keep creating and collaborating as much as we can, to push the envelope, adapt and improve, and to continue to connect with each other through kindness, our stories, and our shared message. 2020 is going to be another big year for our Collective and we’re stoked to do it together. Together, our impact is greater and stronger. Together, we are truly limitless.


Wishing you and your loved ones health, happiness, and all the good in the world, going into this new decade. Happy New Year, we love you. 


Catch you in 2020,

Courtney (friend, human, ocean lover, OCIN founder) + Team OCIN.


P.S. We’re too excited to wait, and want to leave you with a little teaser of a few things to look out for in the New Year. Make sure to stay in touch through our Newsletter and Instagram.


• A big collection launch announcement coming your way next month.

• Pre-orders for our Chapter II collection will start in February!

• Some new collaboration products are coming that we designed with brands and artists we LOVE.

• We’re officially welcoming our Chapter II non-profit organization partner; the most passionate folks making up the team at Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i. *Look out for their feature on our Magazine coming soon.

"We're all water in this vast, vast ocean. Some day we'll evaporate together."

Yoko Ono