Chapter 1 / Chapter Notes

Chapter I - Limitlessness

Love more, feel more, be open… more. When we travel, even if it’s just a quick weekend getaway, we get into this amazing mindset where we are the freest. We feel less inhibited, less pressure and are more open to new people, new experiences, new things. I imagine a world where we all lived every day with the same perspective that we take with us when we’re away from home - maybe a more positive, inspired, conscious and kind place.


I’ve been so lucky and privileged to have had travel be a part of my life growing up. I remember my very first solo trip, backpacking on a tight budget, post high school graduation with my best friend. It was absolutely terrifying but so exciting to be able to get out, explore on my own, do our own thing. Almost a symbolic jump into ‘real’ adulthood. You never forget the rush of experiencing a new place, across the world, observing and absorbing a new language and culture for the first time. A childlike curiosity and awareness that just lets you let your guard down and take it all in. Like every minute, every interaction, and life itself is new again.


And to me, the journey of getting there is just as fun - hopping on an airplane, looking down on the world below me from the window seat (always), appreciating the stillness from above, and anticipating the destination. And then there are the oceans - seeing how mysterious and insanely beautiful they are from 33,000 feet above, just has a way of humbling and calming me, instantly. 


I was inspired to create OCIN as a platform to inspire us to be this travel self every day - not just when we’re far away from our routine at home. This first Chapter of OCIN and this issue was inspired by the “limitless and openness” that traveling sparks in us, and to the specific places that personally connects me to my best ‘travel self’. From the contributors of this issue to our playlists to even the colorways in the collection, Sunset and Olivine - the latter, an homage to the magical islands of Hawaiʻi, a place that has been played a shaping role in my life, and where the concept for OCIN was born.


Chapter I is dedicated to our Travel Selves - I hope OCIN can somehow take you back to your place and connect you with that person. Here’s to more open minds and carefree hearts jumping into the waves and disrupting the ‘norm’ together.


- Courtney Chew, Human, Friend, Ocean lover and OCIN founder