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A letter to 2020

To our OCIN family, 

2020 threw our routines upside down and on their head. What we’ve come to understand as the way we do things, the way our systems operate, the way society threads with the way we are, the way our world connects, the way we impact all life and Nature around us –– everything was completely challenged.  

How do we define ourselves? Our lives? Prior to 2020, aside from our heritage and our culture, a lot of us would say that our identity encompasses the work we do, the experiences we’ve had, who we surround ourselves with, and what we commit to being our purpose and passions. 

But, what did this year show us? When our work slows down, who are we? When we can no longer see our friends and family the way we used to, how are we alone? When we can’t fill our time with the material, what in simplicity seems to fulfill us instead? It’s been interesting to explore that perhaps what defines us is how we show up and the energy that we give, to ourselves and to others. 

We’ve learned about fear, but also courage.
We’ve learned about letting go, but also about coming together.  
About remembering and dreaming.

We’ve learned about chaos, but also stillness.
We’ve learned about scarcity, but also generosity. 
About conflict and resolution. 

We’ve grieved and we’ve celebrated.
We’ve been honest and vulnerable.
We’ve felt overwhelmed and disconnected.
We’ve endured defeat and loneliness.
But, we’ve also witnessed our strength and resilience.

We’ve come to understand what we care about and why we do. 
How it feels for us to break our walls, open our minds, and give wholeheartedly to those around us.
What drives us to stand up, and when we choose to stay quiet. 
We’ve re-connected with what is really important to us and how we want to spend our days living the lives we get to have.

This year has been called as the year of 2020 vision; the year to lead us into layered clarity that we need. However, the reality is that everyone’s experiences are different. Although the world is suffering in many different ways, the privilege of reflection and accepting the slower pace is not available to everyone. Many are on flight mode and are just trying every day, to survive. So, even if it feels really hard and it doesn’t seem easy, if the opportunity is there for you please don’t take the slowness for granted. Respect and appreciate each moment we have on this Earth. The times spent with others and by ourselves. Gratitude, empathy, patience, and persistence are exercises that when practiced daily, are powerful. 

When writing this letter, I was looking back on some notes that I wrote a few months ago: “Remember to be gentle with yourself, and to allow yourself to feel but to rest also. Remember that in defeat, there are always bright lessons that make you stronger for what’s ahead. Remember that in loneliness there are always people that are rooting for you. Remember that in kindness, respect, and gratitude, you achieve a connection to the world and the planet around you that is magical, reciprocative, and strong.”

In our time of awakening and evolving, I hope these words still resonate. Continue being generous with one another. Continue sparking collaboration and sharing resources with one another. Continue tapping into Nature’s energy to recharge and fuel us. Continue leaning on each other to unlock new doors together and pass the keys on to the ones behind us.

We’re right here beside you, navigating what’s next. Life is tough, but we never know the incredible things that tomorrow may bring. And, although this upcoming year will surely come with its own challenges, 2020 has shown us we have so much more in us to give, to push forward, and to continue to grow, together. Thank you for showing us that. 

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." - Lao Tzu 

Stay kind, stay safe, stay limitless. Here’s to the work we have ahead of us, and the hope and lightness that are on its way. 

Our best wishes and big love going into 2021, 


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A look at some milestone moments for us in 2020. You are what continues to motivate us as a brand, a community, and most of all as human beings. Thank you for doing all of this with us and we can't wait to see what we achieve together in 2021.

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."

Lao Tzu