Chapter 1 / Chapter Notes

2018 was stellar with you

Hi OCIN Fam, Courtney here.


It’s a little crazy to think that just four short months ago, we launched. August 30, 2018, was our milestone day – the day we finally shared OCIN with all of you.


The past few months have been full of so much – we hosted a few events, including a launch party with over 100 of our Vancouver community and a few pop-ups with some of our most humble and talented friends. We created some fun content with some rad people that inspire us. We travelled a little and saw you take us along on your travels too. We got to share our story with some media that we admire. And, we were lucky to connect with so many of you.


With all that being said, I wanted to let you know that we appreciate your support, all of your kind messages, your shares, and your feedback. OCIN is a lifestyle and a collective that exists to inspire more openness and connection between each other, ourselves, and our planet. And it truly means the world when I receive messages that speak to that. None of this would make sense without you, so thank you for believing in our greater vision and riding this wave with us.


But it’s also not just about us. By investing in OCIN you are showing up for so much more. You’re showing up for yourself and the belief in your limitless potential. You’re showing up for your communities and celebrating the stories we share. You’re showing up for our earth and our oceans. You’re showing up for a world where we lead with open hearts, open minds, and fearlessly inspire change for our collective future. I think that’s pretty cool.


We're a small, independent brand trying to make a big impact on the world, but we definitely can't do it on our own. Going into 2019, we'll continue to support organizations like Surfrider Foundation, we'll keep more plastics and old suits out of landfill, we'll share stories and host events to make the world a little smaller, and we'll do it all together.


The best thing about 2018, was doing 2018 with all of you. 


Happy New Year to a great bunch of humans. 2019 is looking good out there. We love you.


Stay limitless,

Courtney (friend, ocean lover, OCIN founder) + Team OCIN